Craig Garrison, Guitars/Vocals; christian guitarist/singer/songwriter and founder of Divine Access and Acoustic Cafe, formerly of SoulPurpose, LifeStories, and Open Window, brings a creative and unique blend of musicianship to the band's music while sharing the Lord's wonderful message of Love, Peace and Hope. Craig's solo CD All My Best that included the original tracks You Saved My Life, Knock on my Doorand the new tracks Because I'm Walking With You and Breathe and Live Again will be performed by the band in the coming months. He currently plays the acoustic-electric with the Florida Hospital's Tampa Division Music Ministry. His music influences are Journey, James Taylor, Christy Nockles, Kari Jobe, and Chris Tomlin. Craig plays a Breedlove Acoustic-Electric through a Lexicon Delay and LR Baggs DI. He gives his wonderful wife Janet and the Lord all the Glory.

Tom Iapicco, Drums/Percussion; Tom has played the drums for as long as he can remember and music has always been important part of his life. He was a member of the band J4 which put out about 4 CD's worth of material and toured on the "Warped Tour". Tom has lived, played, and recorded in Canada, Nashville, and Los Angeles and has a little Record Label called LOL Records. He also sings and plays the guitar. "Tom is God's biggest fan"! He plays Pacific Drums, Sabian Cymbals, and LR Congas.  

Sherri Vogel, Flutest; Sherri began playing the flute in 1982. Friends of the family were staying with her and their oldest daughter played the flute. She asked if she could give it a try. Sherri says: "They handed me the mouthpiece and I made a sound so I asked if I could have the rest of it. Within 5 minutes I was running out of my bedroom yelling, Mom, dad, I want one!" The rest is history. Sherri played all through Jr. high and high school and church until slowly, little by little, life and lack of opportunity left the flute on the shelf collecting dust. "Oh I'd pull it out every now and again but eventually it went back on the shelf. Until one day I realized how much I missed it." She called Music Showcase and scheduled her first lesson in years with an amazing instructor Nalisio Taveras. That was 6 years ago. He put her in contact with the Eastern Hillsborough Community Band where she is now the principle flute. 3 years ago Sherri purchased a bass flute, looked at her flute section in the band and asked "Who would like to form a flute choir?" The Eastern Hillsborough Flute Choir was born! "I don't know how to adequately express gratitude for something that has given me so much. My music family means as much to me as my own family - who are my biggest encouragement! The opportunities I have been given to share music with others leaves me very humbled and blessed." Sherri plays Gemeinhardt Flutes.

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